Week 2

Welcome back to Term 2. Last week was a bit "bitsy" so our work is really starting this week. I'm working on a new/old format for your weekly work - by clicking on the link for this week you'll get to all the work that needs to be done - literacy, maths, topic and anything else. Let's see how it goes for us.

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There are a number of activities to be completed this week. You may choose the order you complete them in.
  1. Finish your holiday story and publish to your blog
  2. Complete the contraction worksheet
  3. Complete the Early Vocab 1 crossword
  4. Handwriting
  5. Spelling - Choose one of the lists to practise @ Spelling City
  6. Practise and record your plays

We will also be continuing on listening to our audiobook.


Time Activities

Time for school
After School

Number Activities

Who wants to be a Mathionaire?


  • Tuesday first block you will have a reliever in the classroom - I will be doing some school work with Mr Gadd in the PD room.
  • Wednesday is my CRT day - Ms Pengelley has some exciting things she's going to be doing with you.
  • Homework will be going home on Tuesday - due back Friday 7th