Week 4

I've edited the stories that were created in google docs - you will need to go and check what I've said and make corrections. I've asked you to create a new copy of the document and edit that - to do this you open your document then click on file-make a copy - once you have your new copy you can fix up all your corrections.

Started but not finished = Zac, Nicole, Hemi

Ready for 2nd editing by YOU = Max, Patricia, Connor, Lachie

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Art work Self-Assessment

Homework page



We're going to be looking at some specific things around commenting on blog posts. This week you will be choosing 2 posts written by different people in our class to comment on. You also need to check your own blog and answer any questions raised by last weeks commenters.
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Show don't tell

We're also going to be looking at a specific skill in writing called "show don't tell". We'll look at examples from books and practise some of this ourselves.


Present/Past Tenses


This week each group is going to be reading and working around journal stories. I've juggled the groups a little so that numbers are a bit easier to work with.
  • Group 1: Libby, Taurean, Taylor, Kaiana, Tenny -> Hiccups
  • Group 2: Connor, Austin, Fabian, James, Ashley, Zac -> Toby Mouse and Isobel
  • Group 3: John, Josh, Kalin, Lucy, Amber, Adelka, Oliver, Sarah -> Little Bro
  • Group 4: Lachie, Hemi, Dana, Shakaia, Max, Luke, Hannah, Patricia, Nicole -> 1+1=Hundreds!

I will be working with each group over the week. We'll be creating story webs, flow charts and maps as part of our work.


Continue practising last week's list at SpellingCity.com - We'll have a quick test of these words later this week.


In maths this week we are going to be looking at length and how we use measurement in mapping.

Wk 4 Overview

Measuring in Centimeters

Time Revision

This is a kind of secret part - it's not secret because you can't see it but it is secret because I'm not sure who reads ALL of the wiki page - so - if you're reading this - don't tell anyone else but come to me - I have a new game on my iTouch called Fantastic Contraption and anyone who reads this sentence will be able to have a go at it.


This week we will finish our Learning Journey art work and do the online self-assessment for it.

Week 4 Planning