Table of Contents

Week 5

Thanks for being so fantastic for my reliever on Friday. I've heard great reports about your work ethic and behaviour.


  • We're starting a new book this week and will be doing some literacy activities around the book.

  • Group 4 will be doing a research project over the next two weeks so will need to have their brains in tip-top shape

  • Some students from St Clair's School in Dunedin are going to be doing peer editing of some of your stories

  • Not all the stories have been shared with me so I can't do any editing of them - if your name isn't here and you've started/finished your story in Google Docs then you haven't shared it with me! (Lachie, Max, Patricia, Hannah, Connor, Kaiana, Fabian, Nicole, Dana, Zac, Tenny, Amber, Taurean, Oliver, Libby, Taylor, Hemi, Adelka)


We're looking a problem solving this week. We'll look at addition/subtraction/multiplication/division activities as well as some story problems and even a Rube Goldberg problem activity. You will also all get a chance to work on a real world Goldberg machine!