Week 2

//We have an eventful week this week:
  • Monday - 2:15 => Project Skate Demo
  • Tuesday - 10:30-12:45 => Ms F working in PD room with Year 5 teachers & 12:15 => Team Assembly with students from Kapiti College
  • Wednesday - Ms F on CRT release => Ms Pengelly teaching you
  • Thursday - 10:00 => Annie performance @ Kapiti College & 12:15 => Team Assembly//

In between all this we will try and keep a normal schedule!


  • Email/Podcast = Hannah
  • Shoes = Max
  • Photographer = Nicole
  • Recycling = Amber
  • Bells = Taurean & Shakaia
  • Ears = Austin


We are continuing on with our probability. On Monday we'll recap what we learned last week then we'll check out this week's activities.


This week you are working in groups - this is to make sure everyone has something to do! Check out the literacy wiki for your activities.


We'll continue on with our Space topic - in your groups you should be researching your facts about your sub-topic (stars, planets or galaxies) and creating a mind-map of the result.


For your homework you were asked to come up with a name for our plant. Below is a cloud where you can submit your idea. Simply type in the name and click submit OR if someone else has already typed in your idea click on that name and then click on submit.

What should we name our plant?... at AnswerGarden.ch.