Week 7


Homework for the next few weeks will be related to KOS. You will have some worksheets that will go home after some of the sessions - these are for you and your family to work on together.


During the 3 weeks of our KOS unit we will be working on some myths & legends in our groups. The two legomation groups will be given time to finish their animations.


Golden Arrows - finish off your legomation
Talaria - finish off your legomation
Draupnir - Sam joins this group - Rautapu's Revenge
Zeus' Lightening - Te Kanawa's Treasure
Thor's Hammer - The Story of Papa & Rangi
Poseidon's Trident - Ira Waru
Excalibur - Mosquito & Sandfly


The two groups who need to do some work on their Topic presentations will do this during maths time this week.

When it is your groups turn on the computer there will be some new fraction activities to explore.