Week 2


  • Remember to check your blog posts from last week. There may be comments there for you to read and respond to.
  • Homework is due back on Friday. Books go into the box in my office.
  • Keynote singers - remember your very early start on Friday morning. You will need to have your homework handed in on Thursday.
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Blogging Task

I want you to blog about ONE thing you do at school this week.


Here's a video I watched during one of my workshops at Ulearn. Have a watch and tell me if you think what the video is saying is true.


We're continuing on our quest to discover new things about patterns. There's some interesting information here about a special type of pattern called a fractal. And here's a video to watch that zooms into a fractal. Look for the repeating patterns that occur.


Ms Pengelly is teaching you on Wednesday. Check here for any online links she might have for you.