Week 4

//Last week seemed to slip by quite fast. Due to the mixed up week there are some things remaining unfinished from last week. I will try and make time during the week for these to be completed.

This week will be interesting as we have extras in our classroom for 3 days:
  • Tuesday - Room 11 students
  • Wednesday - Room 10 students
  • Thursday - Room 20 students

On Monday we'll also be mapping where we live on a BIG map of the area - this is for the KCDC. We'll also be recording some information every morning this week about how we got to school.

AND we also need to meet with Room 18 as they have challenged us for the plate!//


11:30 - Mapping exercise
12:45 - Tech Wizards/Blogger's Cafe
1:45 - Library
2:15 - possible challenge with Room 18


1/3 Room 11 with us till lunch time
11:20 - Grasshopper Tennis
1:45 - all of Room 11 with us - we'll watch some more of Hook


1/3 Room 10 with us all day


1/3 Room 20 with us all day
12:15 - Room 9 taking Assembly in the Learning Street

Online Drawing Tools
Go to SumoPaint to complete today's painting assignment
Sumo Paint

This is one to play with


Kapa Haka people will be out at the Hui all day